New 2023 Palisade Calligraphy AWD in Steel Graphite with light Beige/Grey Interior


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Hi Everyone!
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Received my beautiful 2023 HYUNDAI CALLIGRAPHY AWD car in Steel Graphite with light Beige interior about 2 weeks ago. Looks just like the pic for this forum. I'm 76 y.o. And there is a learning curve on all of the electronics and things it can do, that's for sure.

I live in Huntsville, AL and my local dealer did not have any Palisades coming in that weren't already pre-sold. Contacting dealers within 200 miles of here, presented what they had coming in with up to $5K above MSRP and additional unwanted or UN-needed add-ons. Some dealerships are just greedy and taking advantage of the shortage on such a fine car. Shop around.

I found here on the Palisade Forum a young sales person named “Mr. Hai” from Mastrovito Hyundai in Yorkville, NY. They had exactly what I wanted. They were also willing to sell at MSRP with no add-ons, and the lowest dealer prep price I found anywhere. After contacting Mr. Hai, and getting his sales manager to sign off on our deal, I put a $3K deposit on the car on my Credit Card.

Dealing with an unknown sales person and a family run dealership from Yorkville, NY with me in Huntsville, AL. on a sight unseen car, is a daunting task for anyone, "I can assure you." They also set up delivery of the car to my home. The transportation fee was very reasonable, and with the dealership giving me my Veterans discount of $500, it brought the delivery fee to only $600 from NY. To AL. Total transaction even including delivery fee was the best price in the US.

I checked out the dealership on line, and it had almost a solid 5 star rating on everything. They had a pic of Mr. Hai so as to to put a face to our transaction, and pic's of others in the dealership that had contacted me as well. Everyone was very professional and willing to help you find the right car for you.

Since I had the means, I went to my bank and had a bank wire for $50K plus sent off to the dealership. After everything checked out, and the funds were received by the dealership, the transport company was contacted by them. The transportation of your new vehicle (if you live out of state) is the most time consuming part of the buying process for an out of state buyer, because it had to be picked up at the dealership, then transported to a terminal in NY state. It was then sent to a regional hub terminal in PA. The driver picked up my car, and two others on his trip down south. It's what they do every day, so they got the process down pat.

The only 'Kerfuffle' was that the driver was supposed to have contacted me a day out, and then 2 hours out, to give me a heads-up. That didn't happen, but the doorbell rang, and I went to the door in my pj's and the gentleman had already taken the car off of the transport trailer, and it was in my driveway in front of my (4) car garage door. Didn't expect it that soon, or that day. I got dressed and went out an inspected the car in and out. Car was beautiful, and with no damage, so it was a big 'sigh' of relief for me and my wife.

So! Anyone looking for a 2023 Palisade, I would highly recommend contacting Mastrovito Hyundai and tell Mr. Hai and Mrs. Gina Mastrovito that I sent you. The dealership being family owned, makes a big difference in personal satisfaction that they are seeking for all of their customers.

This is a great informative site for Palisade owners.



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