Flaking Rims


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Hey there. I was just wondering if anyone was having problems with the ultimate rims on the 2020 palisade. I only had 30000 km (14months) on my palisade when I noticed all 4 of my rims were flaking. I went to the Hyundai dealer that I bought from. They were surprised to see what was happening to all 4 of my rims. Hyundai Canada came with $200/rim to get them refinished. I had to laugh and tell them where to place offer. Here in New Brunswick Canada these rims are $700+15%.
I have been looking into these rims. I just found another palisade with the same rims and they are starting to flake and this one only has 14000km on it.
As you can see in the pics they are no longer a nice looking rims. 16187759007595582587864539165897.jpg 16187759506988854314764786823112.jpg 1618775968030522537540996850977.jpg