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Brookshire Hyundai's service department is awesome! I highly recommend that you use them for all your maintenance needs. Although they are pretty far away for some of us in the Houston area (50 minutes and $8 in tolls for me), it's well worth it! Here's my personal experience with them:

I purchased my 2024 Palisade Calligraphy from another Houston-area dealer in December of 2023. I won't mention their name, but they are on the North side of town and next to a Freeway.

I really wanted an integrated trailer hitch - not the ugly, non-integrated, one shown on Hyundai's website at that time (it has since disappeared and there are no trailer hitch options currently offered as of April 25, 2024). Since the Parts department at my original dealer couldn't find the integrated hitch on their own, I searched the Palisade Forum and found just what I was looking for - including the relevant part numbers. Interestingly, the parts guy at Brookshire Hyundai ("Phuong") was able to find the integrated hitch with no problem (go figure...). Not only was Phuong very friendly, he was also competent - a major contrast to the Parts department at the other dealer.

Anyway, once I provided the part numbers to the Parts department at the original dealer, they were able to order the hitch. It was installed in late January of 2024 but, unfortunately, was not installed properly. Sadly, no matter who I talked to within the dealership's management (service manager, Fixed Operations Director, plus the dealership owner), they showed no interest in correcting the problem - or even in making an attempt to satisfy a customer who had just purchased a car from them!

Based on my experience, I looked on Yelp and found a review by "Ezra" who'd had an almost identical experience with the same dealer. After being unable to get them to correct his problem, Ezra went to Brookshire Hyundai, and they took care of him. After reading Ezra's review, I decided to give Brookshire Hyundai a try.

I arrived at their dealership on a Saturday afternoon about 30 minutes before their service department was scheduled to close and explained my problem to the service writer ("Jason"). Jason was extremely friendly and very eager to help. With no prompting from me, he got down on the ground and crawled under my car to see if he could figure out why my hitch wasn't installed properly (contrast this with the service manager at the other dealer who couldn't be bothered to even look at the problem in person). Jason then asked me if I would mind if their mechanic looked at it. Obviously, I didn't mind and was actually very happy - and surprised - that he offered, especially given how close to closing time it was.

Jason then pulled my car into their shop. Fifteen minutes later, he brought my car back to the service drive and the trailer hitch issue had been corrected. Given my experience at the other dealer, I was extremely happy - ecstatic, actually! I asked Jason how much I owed them, and he said, "Nothing." I then asked to speak to the mechanic who had fixed my problem so I could thank him, as well. When the mechanic ("Dovydas") appeared, I offered to buy him and Jason dinner, but they both refused.

The contrast between my experience at Brookshire Hyundai and the other dealer was like night and day. I will be forever grateful to the people at Brookshire for taking care of my problem, especially given the level of frustration I experienced at the other dealer. Even if they had wanted to charge me for the work they did, I wouldn't have minded. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is outstanding and I plan to have them do all of my regular maintenance and any service I may need in the future. I hope you will, too. We need more dealerships like Brookshire Hyundai and people like Jason, Dovydas and Phuong who are not only competent, but care about their customers!

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