Is there an issue with the keys being locked inside?

Zoo Master

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I was on my way to the bank for an important meeting. To make sure I didn't forget anything, I put all my paperwork, phone, and keys inside, then waited for the other person to arrive. When they got there, we went to get into the car, but the doors were locked, with the keys and my phone inside. I am absolutely sure I never hit the door locks. I only opened the unlocked door, set my stuff down and closed the door. I used the other guy's phone to call my wife, tell her the problem, and asked her to unlock the doors with her app. She said that you can't lock the keys inside, the car won't let you. I said, "Yes, they are locked." She logged into the app. and told me it shows the doors unlocked. "Yes, they are locked." She tried to toggle the locks several times and nothing happened. We have good cell coverage, so that wasn't an issue. We had to drive the other guys car to get the other set of keys from her. I was very late for my meeting at the bank. After doing some research on line, there is a lot of conflicting information. Many say it is impossible to lock the keys inside, while others said it has happened to them too. So what is up? Is this a known problem?

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