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Help! 😵 I have a 2020 Palisade Limited. The last two times I used navigation the car took me to the wrong location told me to turn right instead of left I decided to do navigation update! Wrong! Very bad mistake. Ok, so mentioned it may take and hour and leave the car on. I'm at 2hrs and 30min. It is still on 1 of 5! Geez, does anyone know what to do other than turn it off!

I found out you can do it in accessory mode even thou the Hyundai directions suggest to keep the car running.

The April 2022 update took a total of 5hrs and 20min to complete! I found out it was a Firmware and Software update! The display is similar to the 2023. It does have settings for user 1 user2 and guest. However, that has no effect on the seat positions.
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