EPB and Auto Hold Orange Light


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Hey, I'm new here but I feel I need to vent. We got a Lemon Palisade! We bought our Palisade in May 2021 and we fell in love with the car! However, our car is not even 12 months old and already have a list of problems.

The problems started around August 2021 when the engine overheated. We had it towed and the dealer replaced the radiator fan for a new one. A month later we had the same issue and they replaced for a new one, again. They told us that in both instances the radiator fans were faulty. Since the second replacement, we haven't had an issue.

Fast forward to February 2022. One day after driving for around 20 mins, the EPB AND auto Hold lights came on and in orange. I turned the car off and on and everything was fine. Yesterday, the same thing happened and also the Parking Break was flashing.

Today we took it to the dealer and they said they couldn't find anything wrong (the lights weren't on nor flashing anymore).

However they found a few error codes:

DTC C241613 motor short or open LH
C241713 motor short or open RH
C136081 ESP irreversible error
C163381 cluster invalid displayed speed
162587 CAN time out ABS/ESC9 ESP
1693841 ESC signal error

Also did a software update 21-50-005.

does anyone know what these codes could be about?
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